Salter Nursing’s Patient Care Technician Program

Become a PCT within a year!

Are you looking to get into a new career field fast? Becoming a Patient Care Technician (PCT) allows you to get out into the workforce in a relatively quick time and pursue a career where you can be valued and help others. Salter Nursing’s training program helps you develop the skills you need to become a professional patient care technician. Many patient care technicians like this field because it allows them to give needed care, help others, and bond with patients. Plus, the fast-paced job keeps them on their toes!

If you’re considering going to patient care technician school, then you’ll need an overview of Salter Nursing’s PCT training program to decide if it’s the best career path for you.

What does a Patient Care Technician do?

Patient care technicians offer basic care for patients and help them with every day activities. They may provide care for patients with disabilities, the elderly, or those with chronic illnesses. Your job also requires you to provide for the well-being of patients or residents by listening to them, recording their health concerns, and updating nurses on patient health statuses. A typical day may include helping patients with dressing, personal hygiene, and eating meals, as well as measuring patient vital signs. If you’d like more details on the career, the Occupational Outlook Handbook offers a description of a similar position under Nursing Assistants and Orderlies places where PCTs work and projected job growth.

What courses do I need to take to become a PCT?

A PCT training program requires you to stay committed to your coursework. If you pay attention in class, study, and remain productive, then you may complete the patient care training program in about one year. If you want to know what Salter Nursing’s training program offers, read an overview of this program’s courses below:

Licensed Nursing Assistant: This course allows students to develop their direct caregiving skills. It also provides students with a holistic and humanistic approach to care for patients in skilled nursing, long-term care and home care settings. Students have the opportunity to learn federally regulated technical skills.

Phlebotomy: The phlebotomy course offers instruction on collecting, processing, and transporting blood specimens. Venipuncture, winged infusion, and skin collection methods of blood collection are reviewed. Topics focus on infection control, standard precautions, anatomy and physiology, terminology, equipment, and quality assurance.

Electrocardiography: This course introduces students to the rules of performing an EKG. Lessons include preparing the patient, performing procedures, and maintaining the integrity of an EKG machine. The stress test and Holter monitoring are also featured.

Computers in Healthcare: These days, almost all records are stored on computer systems. This course gives a strong foundation and overview of computer technology and its impact in healthcare professions. HIPAA and Electronic Health Records are covered in this course.

Medical Terminology: This course is designed to teach students about the origins, pronunciation, spelling, and definitions of medical terms. The student may develop a broad vocabulary of human body’s structure and related diseases and diagnostic terms.

Professional Issues: Topics like the modern healthcare system, medical law and ethics, patients’ rights and liability issues, and professional communication are offered to form comprehensive knowledge for the student. Career preparation is also offered in this course.

Salter Nursing’s Patient Care Technician training program also includes instruction on anatomy and physiology and an internship that allows students to gain hands-on experience.

Do you think this coursework sounds like a good fit for you? In this training program you can implement a range of technical and scientific-based skills while offering a compassionate environment for others. Make sure you take the time to explore what this career path has to offer. We hope you decide to become part of the healthcare community with Salter Nursing’s patient care training program.

If you’re interested in entering this career training program, contact us for more information or apply online. We also offer two other allied health training programs at our Manchester, NH campus. We invite you to schedule a tour with us and see for yourself what we have to offer!