Graduate Spotlight – Brianna Smith

Our students are what make us and we love to showcase their success.

Just over a year ago Brianna Smith graduated from our Practical Nursing program. On 6/15/2020 she was licensed as a Registered Nurse. We sat down with Brianna to discuss her time at American School of Nursing, what drove her to become a nurse, and advice she has for future students.

Brianna at Pinning with Children
What drove you to pursue a career in nursing?

When I was little my aunt would always talk about how much she loved being a nurse. As I grew up and heard all of her stories I began to fall in love with the idea of being a nurse myself. I am so much like her in many ways and I am so glad she made me fall in love with this field.

What was the most useful, non-nursing lessons learned at your time at American School of Nursing?

The most useful non-nursing lesson I learned while attending American School of Nursing was to never give up and help one another. We are all in this together.

Describe the most rewarding moment in your nursing career thus far.

The most rewarding moment in my nursing career is seeing someone's face light up when you walk in their room. They have been looking forward to seeing you and when you know how much someone appreciates everything you're doing for them its a great feeling.

Any advice for graduates looking into becoming an RN?

Find the right school and instructors to further your education. I was lucky enough to have an amazing instructor during my ADN program and she really helped me get through. Another tip I would give someone is to always believe in yourself, don't doubt your abilities. You may not feel like your doing a great job but you are. Nursing school gives you the information you need for your career but everything that will make you successful is already inside of you.

Favorite moment at American School of Nursing?

My favorite moment at the American School of Nursing was putting the information we learned into hands-on experiences such as labs and clinical.

The best part of being a nurse?

The best part of being a nurse is waking up and getting to do what I love every day. I really want to be a midwife someday and I know everything I am doing now is getting me to that point.

Brianna 1
Insights into you as a person (personal info the reader may want to know about you): Maybe explaining something about how you were pregnant while in school and how you got through RN school raising a newborn, etc.

I am a mother of three little boys. They are 7, 5, and almost 1. I first found out I was pregnant halfway through my PN year. Being pregnant during school was not hard other than the long days. The hardest part of attending school in Manchester was the fact I lived almost two hours away, but I was determined to make it through. I am so glad I chose the American School of Nursing for my PN year because I met a lot of amazing people. I decided I wanted to further my education and enroll in the ADN program at Vermont Tech College. When I began this program my youngest was a month and a half old. I didn't think I would make it through because I had a lot of tough moments. The biggest was leaving my newborn. I just continued to push through. There were times that I felt like giving up but then I just thought that my children were watching me and wanting me to succeed. I had such a great support system with my children and most of all my husband. He helped pick up the slack in our lives so I could eventually just focus on school my last term. Then the worst happened, the pandemic we are all continuing to experience now. I lost that in-person education and hands-on clinical time that I needed. My children became homeschooled as well and that was the most difficult. How was I suppose to teach myself and my children? Somehow I managed to finish and I was inducted into the honors society. I am now enrolled at Granite State College to continue my education in the RN-BSN program that begins this summer. I am excited to see where my career leads me and it all started with the American School of Nursing. Thank you to all my instructors there that continued to believe in me and push me through.