A Sample Resume for Culinary Arts Students

Learn how to present your experience and professional skills to impress a hiring manager. Are you ready to apply for your first job after completing your culinary arts training? It’s an exciting time! You’ve learned more than how to prepare food and run a kitchen. Now you also have practical experience and insight into the nuances of nutrition as well as the business side of working in the culinary arts.

To get your first job, you’ll need a good resume that highlights your skills and training. Depending on where you’re applying for work, people in a variety of positions may be looking at your resume, so you want to think about what they’re looking for. You may need to modify your resume with every job application you submit.

Who will be reading your resume?

If you’re applying for work in a small or medium-size restaurant, the restaurant manager, chef, and/or owner will probably review your resume. For larger hotels and businesses, a human resources department will likely process resumes. If you’re applying for a position in a private club, then all the members of the board may review your resume. For a position as a private chef, each individual client will want to know about your experience. In all cases, your resume must convey that you have a clear understanding of the job, as well as the skills they’re looking for.

How is a resume used?

Your resume documents your education, your experience, technical skills, and creativity. A resume serves several purposes, including to:

  • Get you to an interview
  • Help a hiring manager as a reference tool
  • Help your employer keep a record in your personnel files

To help you get started, we’ve put together a sample resume that you can modify with your unique skills and training. For advice on how to prepare for your first interview, check out Salter College’s Career Services Department. We’re here to help you take the next step in finding success in your new career.


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