5 Ways to De-stress During a Busy Week

Tips for healthcare students and workers to relax

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Healthcare professions—like Practical Nursingare active and busy roles. Whether you’re a student or a full-time healthcare worker, you’ll know that life can become hectic every now and then.

Sometimes you’ll have to worry about paying bills, making dinner, or taking care of the kids when you get home. If you’ve had a stressful day at work or school, it’s important to take time for yourself and unwind after your responsibilities are finished.

At Salter Nursing, we care about the well-being of our students and alumni. We know that maintaining happiness is key to helping you succeed.

We came up with five, budget-friendly tips to help put your mind and body at ease.

1. Take a warm bath

Pampering yourself can help ease your mind and body. After a long day, draw yourself a warm bath. A great place to relax is in warm water. Heat relaxes muscles and after a while can help ease the mind as well. Personalize your routine by using aromas and soaps that smell good.

2. Watch a comedy

Laughing can distract, comfort, and help relieve stress. After a long day, watch a comedy or movie that will put a smile on your face. There are free streaming sites where you can watch clips for free. You can also find free clips of popular comedians or comedy shows on YouTube. If you’re not in the mood to laugh, distract yourself by reading a book or playing a game.

3. Eat mood-enhancing foods

If you’re feeling stressed out, your blood pressure is probably high. Foods with potassium have been scientifically proven to regulate blood pressure and protect blood vessels, helping you de-stress. Look for foods like bananas and potatoes that are rich in the mineral.

Other foods to consider are healthy snacks with carbohydrates, like pretzels or dark chocolate. These mood-enhancing carbs help raise serotonin, a brain chemical that regulates feelings of calm and relaxation.

For a soothing beverage, try green tea. The relaxing drink contains theanine, an amino acid, which promotes relaxation and counterbalances caffeine that can cause more anxiety.

4. Listen to music

If you’re stressed out, slow-paced tempos can be soothing. Listen to music while you get ready for the day, while on your commute, or when you lay in bed. Music therapy helps to decrease anxiety and puts you in a meditative mood.

5. Exercise

It’s important for the mind to be stimulated and active. Exercise is proven to release endorphins which cause you to feel happier. Research shows that just 20 minutes of exercise a day can show benefits in your overall mood. Plus, going for a walk or run is a perfect way to get fresh air.

Although life is sometimes stressful, we hope these five easy tips will help reduce your anxiety levels so you can maintain a positive attitude throughout the day. Remember, we all have these days, so you’re not alone. Each day is a new opportunity to start fresh and following these tips can help put you in a positive mindset for the day. You’ll also have something to look forward to when you get home!

These tips are provided by Salter Nursing’s weekly blog. We offer three training programs at our Manchester, NH campus: Practical Nurse, Licensed Nursing Assistant, and Patient Care Technician. Contact us today for more information or schedule a tour. We look forward to hearing from you!